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Premiere Global reduces cost for lead-to-appointment conversion by 40% with integrated DM program.

A strategically crafted 3-tier integrated direct marketing program helped Premiere Global's sales force close 200 high-level C-executive appointments in a 2 week period. Cost per appointment generated improved from $500 to $300 per appointment.

Premiere Global Services is a $500 million company which provides enhanced electronic document distribution services and teleconferencing services. They wanted to jolt the sales effort with their "Fax2Mail" service offering. Fax2Mail allows a company to remove their internal fax servers and provides enhanced fax services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an internal infrastructure.

The GRI Marketing Group was contracted to develop a program that would create awareness of the Fax2Mail service, build brand awareness of Premiere Global, and generate enough interest for the salesforce to close C-level appointments.

The multi-channel effort included direct mail, e-mail and telemarketing all strategically working together to achieve the objectives. GRI procured most of the lists in addition to some provided by the client.

The direct mail and email alone generated 20 leads, but when the sales force and inside sales telemarketing effort kicked in, over 200 appointments were secured -- with one sales rep securing 9 C-level appointments in one day!

The mail and email generated the interest -- the follow-up
telemarketing was key to the explosive sales activity that
followed over the next few months.

This integrated effort was by far the most successful lead generation program in Premiere Global's history.


"Our sales force is exploding with C-Level leads from GRI's integrated program."

-- F. Calabrese, Sr. VP Solution Sales, Premiere Global Services